What is the main function of a hydraulic cylinder?

What is glass fiber mesh cloth

1. Glass fiber mesh cloth is actually a glass fiber woven fabric as the main material, which can be used in the construction industry after relevant soaking and coating. Generally speaking, it is used on the inner and outer walls of buildings, and can play a role in heat preservation and waterproofing.

2. Features

(1) Its chemical properties are relatively stable, for example, it is resistant to acids and alkalis. At the same time, it can resist chemical corrosion.

(2) The weight is relatively light, and it is not easy to shrink or deform, and it also has a certain effect of preventing pests and mildew.

(3) It can effectively isolate the sound and play the role of heat preservation and fire prevention.

The role of glass fiber mesh

1. Generally speaking, this glass fiber mesh cloth can be used as the material of the outer wall insulation layer, which can make the resistance of the insulation layer reach the highest point, and it can also resist the external temperature difference.

2. Once an impact occurs, it can effectively avoid cracking.

3. If the outer wall uses glass fiber mesh cloth, it can also have the effect of heat preservation and make our living environment more comfortable, especially in winter, the house will be warm, but it will feel very cool in summer.

4. The glass fiber mesh cloth can prevent the corrosion of acidic objects for a long time, so that it can effectively extend the service life of the building, which will increase for several years.


How to judge the quality of fiberglass mesh cloth

1. According to national standards, if the strength of the glass fiber mesh cloth is relatively low, and there is no alkali resistance, the quality of this glass fiber mesh cloth is relatively poor, and the production of the glass fiber mesh cloth is expressly prohibited by the state.

2. Look at the raw materials. If the raw material used is some broken glass balls, this kind of cloth is very brittle, the strength is not up to the standard, and it cannot be used.

3. If you want to test high-quality and poor-quality grids, we can immediately tell the difference between the good and bad as long as we pass the alkali resistance test, and the alkali-resistant performance of inferior grids is definitely not up to the standard.

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